Tuesday, 1 September 2015

End of summer

I've had a lovely summer. I spent three wonderful weeks with my grandparents and enjoyed various activities in London throughout the rest of it.
We didn't get too much sunshine but there were a few very hot days. On such days mummy would make my favourite dessert at the moment which is frozen banana ice lolly. 
Even though you can see it in the picture, I'm not really a big fan of the raspberry flavour (but I like raspberries a lot).

And then there would be bananas on a stick. Frozen or not. It doesn't really matter as they are both yummy!

Hope you all have had a great time this summer. x 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Playing with spaghetti

That day mummies put a huge bowl of spaghetti in front of us and waited.
 At first we were just eating it...
and eating...
and eating more and more!
I admit Oskar's garden started to look a little bit like a mess.
But it was so much fun for us!
And here's two more pictures. The first one shows us driving a car when we ran out of petrol like in my favourite book The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. If you don't know the story yet, go and read it asap. I mean it. It's so good!
This one was taken a few days before in our flat. While playing, we decided to swap our hoodies and go out to the terrace. Can you recognise who is who? :-)

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Time flies. It's Easter already. :-) We are spending it at home and missing our dear family in Poland.
The most exciting thing I must admit was dyeing eggs with food. We used tumeric, beetroot and red cabbage leaves to get yellow, red and blue. We also mixed tumeric and red cabbage leaves to make green. So much fun! Can't wait for next Easter to use other foods to get new colours.
Happy Easter, everyone!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March in the woods

1. A truly wonderful day! Believe it or not, we left Oxleas Meadow at… 5pm and that should tell you how much fun we all had. :-) Sticks were dipped in the water, wellies got very wet and muddy and one face was painted with mud. A footbridge was carefully used to cross the stream. Playing shop was spotted on one very special fallen tree, can you find it among the photos? When you look around, you can clearly see that the woods are waking up, with lots of tiny buds and shoots. 

2. Can you believe that it was so sunny in the woods yesterday that one of the mums got a bit sunburnt? The walk was very slow as there was a lot of climbing, balancing and exploring on the way. Child-chosen activities included working out that a root is part of the tree, stick-fighting just for fun and discovering new paths. Some of us were looking for owls everywhere but all we found were noisy parakeets. There was a big splash when a child fell off the footbridge into a deep muddy puddle. When they became a little tired, children sat down by the tree to have a rest. Two little ones were spotted holding hands while walking back home. Again, it was very hard to leave the woods.

Fun in Beckenham

This month we visited an amazing adventure playground and a great park in Beckenham. We met some fantastic people there!

We shared some food and did green art as it happened to be St Patrick's Day that day. 

There were cute rabbits to look at. We may have got into their house...

Then we moved on to the nearby park and spent a couple of hours outside the cafe. We also got a golf lesson.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Catching up with Charlotte

Charlotte and I used to meet up regularly when we were babies. Then we split our ways as she went to nursery.
But I'm glad to say that we manage to see each other every now and then. We definitely remember each other!

Last week we caught up in Hall Place Gardens not far from home. We saw some barn owls there and had a good time in the gardens.

In particular, we spent a good few minutes on one wooden bench. See you soon, Charlotte!

Uncle Emil's flying visit

The day we came back from Fuerteventura uncle Emil paid us a flying visit.
It was good to see him, play a little and share our news.
We had only a tiny bit of time but we managed to go for a walk in Oxleas Wood.
An island holiday was super lovely but it was great getting home, knowing the woods are waiting for us. 
And we finally got some great photos showing our whole family thanks to uncle. :-)