Tuesday, 30 April 2013


How is everyone doing?

I've decided to see what this thing called Facebook is. My parents say that if you "like" me, you will get updates of my posts, which sounds great. Will you be my Facebook friend? :-)

See you there! xxx

Monday, 29 April 2013

4 months old

Hey, everyone!

I am not a little baby any more as I have turned 4 months old today, yay!

I am allowed to smile in photos now. :-)

Some more cute close-ups from today's walk in the park.

Me again!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Busy social life

This post is about my recent social life.

Last weekend I finally met Inga & Fiona, daughters of my parents' friends. We had so much fun together! 

We've just met here! Everybody's just a little on the shy side. Not for long though...

We went for a couple of walks in the park as the weather was ok. Hey, who is pushing my buggy?

While the girls were having fun at the playground or working out at an outdoor gym, I chose to sleep in my buggy. However, looking at the happy photos now I think I may have made a wrong choice.

Someone important is missing here!

When I was busy sleeping, feeding or crying, Fiona and Inga were for example watching 3D Avatar, sporting cool glasses.

I had even more people to entertain me. Peekaboo!

Dear auntie and uncle, you must visit us again! I miss all of you already
PS Your patience during my screaming sessions was truly admirable. :-)

We also managed to go to a baby and toddler show that weekend. We came back with a photo shoot voucher, piggy pants and an amazing playmat & gym.  

Aren't they cute?!

Here Fiona and I are exploring the exciting toys on the mat. There will be more pictures of my new "observatory" later.

What is more, it was my dad's birthday on Thursday (Happy Birthday, daddy!) and my mum took me to her workplace yesterday to show me to her colleagues. I felt like a celebrity! Busy, told ya!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Family business

It was a lovely family weekend. The weather was great and I caught up with some very important family members.

However, I'd like to start off today's post with an apology. I just want to say sorry to my auntie Maggie's cat for scaring her away with my presence on Saturday. The poor thing had to spend two hours under the bed ... This might have been caused by my hysterical screaming but I'm not sure.

This is what Gatusia looks like when she's much happier. Regards to my auntie and her bf.

The nosh you made for us was amazing. Just look at these Spanish beauties. Yum yum!

The weather was so nice on Sunday that my parents let me lie down on a rug on the balcony for quite a while. Do you like my 80's headband?

My mum's cousin paid us a quick visit on his way to Paris. Emil loved staying with us so much he didn't really want to continue his trip and we wished he could stay a little (or a lot) longer. I received a lovely gift from him - beautiful cards that will help me keep memories of my different firsts.

I'm about to reach these milestones soon.

My mummy and daddy can't wait for these to happen. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Citizen Natalie

Oh, what a day it has been!

First of all, I received my first passport (yay!) so now I'm a law-abiding citizen. My parents say they will take me to Poland soon so I can meet the rest of my family. Hey, grandpas and great grandmas, are you ready to finally meet me in person? I can't wait!

Don't you like my passport photo? For some reason, when taking it, dad kept on asking me to lie down still on the bed and look straight into the camera. It took only... half an hour to get a decent shot. My daddy is a patient guy.

By the way, special thanks to Lucy, my mum's friend, who certified that this baby on the photo is indeed myself! This picture is hard evidence in case someone was asking whether we have ever met.  

In terms of the outfit, I'd like to say a big thank you to my grandparents' neighbours' little son, Karol. That beautiful green vest I'm wearing is a gift from him and came all the way from the opposite corner of Europe. 

What is more, today I made a new sound ('oh') and my mummy and daddy were really chuffed. I had said 'uh' and 'eh' before and they were equally excited. Not sure what the big deal is but I like to make them happy every now and then. 

To top it all, I found my left ear! I haven't located the right one yet, maybe I'll have more luck tomorrow? Please keep your ears crossed for me!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

My humble beginnings

I promise to spare you the gory details so you can make yourselves comfortable and safely read on. Suffice to say, by the time my mummy and daddy reached the delivery suite, I was ready to come into this world. Just think about it - I could have been born in the car on the way to hospital! 

But I had good manners and decided to wait a little and so I was born on 29th December 2012 just minutes after midnight. It was amazing to see mummy and daddy after those nine looong months and they were amazed to see me! 

Someone said that in this photo mummy looks as if she's just left the spa.

My daddy was even brave enough to cut the cord though he tends to faint when he goes for a blood test and covers his eyes when he sees blood on telly.

One more thing, at birth I weighed 3.22kg. Now, 3 months later and I've doubled the weight! Can you double your weight just in 3 months? I bet you can't! :-)

See you later!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Hello, world!

Dear family members and friends,

As you know, I've just turned three months and my mummy and daddy think I'm big enough to go on their iPhones, iPads and Macs and start a blog!

So let me introduce myself a little in my first entry. Here's a few things I absolutely looove! If you also happen to be three months old, you might agree with me. 

Don't you think that I'm a little angel in this pic? Sleeping is one of my favourite things to do but don't get too carried away, not ALL the time, ha ha.

When I'm not sleeping, I usually drink my mummy's milk which is sooo yummy! Hang on ... It's a wrong picture!  I promise to get the hang of this blog in the future so this doesn't happen again, dear readers. 

Every day you should see me walking outside but you won't usually see me sleeping peacefully in my pram as I'd rather see where I am and where I'm heading to. Some people can confirm that this photo is an exception. 

Bathing in my tummy tub is so cool! I just love to cover my head with foam to get that serious look. Warning! Unless you're a baby yourself, don't try it at home. Tummy tub, foam should be ok.

Crying in different places. I've even heard strangers commenting that I have "big lungs". Look how proud my dad is in this photo.

And probably best of all! Spending time with my mummy and daddy. They are simply the best and I'll love them forever and ever. Cheesy but true! And their smiles are nearly as big as mine.

Stay tuned!
Natalie xxx