Saturday, 27 April 2013

Busy social life

This post is about my recent social life.

Last weekend I finally met Inga & Fiona, daughters of my parents' friends. We had so much fun together! 

We've just met here! Everybody's just a little on the shy side. Not for long though...

We went for a couple of walks in the park as the weather was ok. Hey, who is pushing my buggy?

While the girls were having fun at the playground or working out at an outdoor gym, I chose to sleep in my buggy. However, looking at the happy photos now I think I may have made a wrong choice.

Someone important is missing here!

When I was busy sleeping, feeding or crying, Fiona and Inga were for example watching 3D Avatar, sporting cool glasses.

I had even more people to entertain me. Peekaboo!

Dear auntie and uncle, you must visit us again! I miss all of you already
PS Your patience during my screaming sessions was truly admirable. :-)

We also managed to go to a baby and toddler show that weekend. We came back with a photo shoot voucher, piggy pants and an amazing playmat & gym.  

Aren't they cute?!

Here Fiona and I are exploring the exciting toys on the mat. There will be more pictures of my new "observatory" later.

What is more, it was my dad's birthday on Thursday (Happy Birthday, daddy!) and my mum took me to her workplace yesterday to show me to her colleagues. I felt like a celebrity! Busy, told ya!


  1. Kochana Tuniu! Jestes przesliczna i bardzo grzeczniutka, widac, ze jestes bardzo szczesliwa po drugiej stronie brzuszka! Cudownie bylo nam wszystkim Cie poznac I czekamy z niecierpliwoscia na Twoj przyjazd do nas! Ciocia Natalia z Rodzinka xxx

  2. Ooo, miło kochaną Ciocię słyszeć ponownie! My też bardzo za Wami tęsknimy i nie możemy się doczekać kolejnego spotkania. Czy Fionce i Ingusi podobają się zdjęcia? :-) Caluski!