Saturday, 6 April 2013

My humble beginnings

I promise to spare you the gory details so you can make yourselves comfortable and safely read on. Suffice to say, by the time my mummy and daddy reached the delivery suite, I was ready to come into this world. Just think about it - I could have been born in the car on the way to hospital! 

But I had good manners and decided to wait a little and so I was born on 29th December 2012 just minutes after midnight. It was amazing to see mummy and daddy after those nine looong months and they were amazed to see me! 

Someone said that in this photo mummy looks as if she's just left the spa.

My daddy was even brave enough to cut the cord though he tends to faint when he goes for a blood test and covers his eyes when he sees blood on telly.

One more thing, at birth I weighed 3.22kg. Now, 3 months later and I've doubled the weight! Can you double your weight just in 3 months? I bet you can't! :-)

See you later!


  1. ale laseczki boskie!:*
    nie wiem dlaczego, ale nie chciało mi opublikować komentarza od Was:( DLACZEGO ?!!!!
    W każdym razie Tulę polecam, jest śiwetna, ergonomiczna dla obu stron, wygodna i nie czuć ciężaru (nawet tego klopsa mojego;)
    Całuję gorąco!:)

  2. Ojej, podejrzana sprawa, pewnie jakiś chochlik blogowy się zakradł! Tak czy inaczej, obiecujemy z mamą pisać dalej :-)
    Serio nie czuć ciężaru w Tuli?? To prawdziwa poezja dla uszu mojej mamy. A co wolicie bardziej - chustę czy Tulę?
    Pozdrawiamy brokułowego potworka (bez obrazy!)