Thursday, 30 May 2013

Roly poly & Peekaboo!

I'm in a good mood today and here's why.

First, I went to Greenwich for a mother & baby yoga class
this morning and I loved it. I just enjoy seeing how mummy is taking exercise and it's even more entertaining when I'm involved. I learnt a new nursery rhyme and I've got a feeling it's going to be my favourite for a while.

The two photos below are rather a poor attempt at capturing the moment. :-)

Roly poly ever so slowly...
Roly poly ever so fast!
A little later Joshua & his mum paid us a visit and it was brilliant. I must tell you that Josh is a great entertainer and an absolute master of the peekaboo game. I just can't wait for him to come back! I also have to confess that I was so happy being entertained by Josh that I completely ignored daddy when he got back home. Oops! You can imagine that he wasn't impressed a single bit... But you know I love you so much, dad!!!
This is Joshua and me a few months back. Hang on, who put the socks on my hands and why??

Hope someone has made you smile today, too. :-)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

5 months old

Guess what!
I am 5 months old today, hurray! 
To celebrate the special occasion, I invited Charlotte over for an afternoon. I know her from Baby Cafe and Stay and Play in a local children's centre. Charlotte is a December baby like me and she can already touch her feet and do other clever tricks! Our mummies were chatting and we had a great time on the playmat. 
Well, I say "great" but when I wasn't looking, Charlotte tried to chew on my finger! Hey, don't worry, it didn't hurt.
I know what I'll do - I'll put her finger in my mouth next time! Yum yum!

Charlotte, thanks for coming! :-)

Monday, 27 May 2013

Central London

Yesterday was a day of firsts!
My first time in central London! Can you say again what you do inside these booths, please?
My first time in an art gallery. Okay, I slept through most of it but my parents said it was good.
My first time in a pub. I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to the barmaids of the Lamb & Flag pub in London for my behaviour. Yes, I admit I screamed a little bit too much. I think I am yet to discover the joys of going to pubs...
My first time in an Apple store. So when will I be getting an iPad to play with, dad? 
My first time on the bridge. Mummy says I'll go on that wheel behind me one day.
My first time on South Bank. Apparently my parents used to be frequent visitors in that part of London before they decided to have me. 
Warm regards to Justyna. I promise to be a little kinder when we meet up again! 
Yeah, it was a truly lovely day. We celebrated yet one more first - our first Polish Mother's Day. You see mummy gets to celebrate two in a year. :-) 

I love you, mum!!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013


It seemed like a usual Saturday morning. I was playing happily with my toys in the living room when...

... the postman knocked at our door. We had been waiting for that parcel for a long time and nearly lost hope it would ever arrive - or at least before Bank Holiday. What a surprise!

As soon as my baby carrier arrived, mummy put it on and then she put me inside just to see how it works. We both loved it!

Soon after that we went to the park and daddy also gave it a go.  

Within minutes (ten, to be precise), I was fast asleep. It was so warm and cosy inside. :-)

The carrier's got a lovely Polish folk art motif on it - two colourful roosters. Isn't it pretty?

I've got a feeling my parents will be having regular fights over who's going to carry me around from now on! 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

About a girl

One of the nice things about being a girl is that you get to wear lots of pretty dresses. I've outgrown a few already so I thought I should immortalise my first party frocks here. Here they come!
Stripes (and dots) are my favourite patterns at the moment. Interestingly enough, none of these were bought by my parents so special thanks go to Edyta, Joshua, Justyna, Lucy and nan for supplying me with these lovely dresses!

Regular visitors of my blog have seen this one before. :-)
My mummy says she HAD to get her hands on these the moment she saw them. Sadly, I don't fit in the first two anymore.The third one is a proper summer dress and I'm sure you're going to see it on the blog very soon.
Last but not least, a dress that I got from one of mummy's pupils. I love to play with the bow!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Very special walk

Going for walks is what I do every day regardless of the weather. It's just something I enjoy very much. 

But it's even far more exciting when mummy and I pick up daddy after work from the train station.  

There are lots of lovely plants and flowers on the way. Some less, some more common.

We go past our gym (a little reminder, dear parents :-), a bus stop, school, playground and local supermarket.

There's also a building site with gigantic cranes on our route.

I love these little houses.

Hang on, do I know this guy?


Hey, I think it's daddy!

Daddy, you're finally back! :-)

After I pick up daddy from the station, it's his turn to pick me up and we go back home. 

A little stroll in the park on the way home.