Thursday, 9 May 2013

First picnic in our park

Some of you know that we live in the park. No, not near the park but literally inside the park. I feel very lucky to be able to go for a walk there so often as it is so close. But this time we didn't walk, we just had a picnic in the park. My first picnic. :-)

Activities included playing with daddy's arm hair;

Walking in the grass for the first time;

Napping under the trees. I think I can get used to having picnics throughout the whole summer. Fancy joining us?

Local pigeons were having their picnic next door.

That was our Bank Holiday. And on Tuesday a visitor came all the way from Dublin just to see me - and she's done it twice already! I just love wearing the shamrock dress you gave me as a gift, auntie Danielle. :-)

This is me and Danielle two months ago. So cute!

Hope you had a good flight back home. Come and see us again soon!

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