Saturday, 4 May 2013

Helana & Harris

Yesterday Helana and Harris, our neighbours, came over for a chat. Now listen to this - Harris is three days older than me, we were born in the same hospital, both our mummies are primary school teachers and they taught Year 1 before having us. :-)

While the mummies were discussing the joys of being mothers, the babies were playing happily on the mat.

Mummy, isn't this dress way too small for me?!

Helana made very delicious brownies for us and, as I'm sure you can guess, they are all gone now. :-) Thank you for a lovely afternoon, dear neighbours!

Also yesterday my parents returned to the gym after a very long break. I won't say how long that break was not to embarrass anyone. :-)

They did well and I hope they will continue to go to the gym as I need to make sure they have enough strength to carry me around a lot.

Today I went to Gerald's 1st birthday party. We go back a long way as we meet during our stay and play sessions every week. I was very excited to hear there would be plenty of children and lots of entertainment. Sadly, I could not enter the party hall for the music was too loud for my little ears. So I just hung out outside the building and charmed some pretty ladies instead. The party bag offered some consolation for not being able to join in the fun.
Have a great looong weekend, everybody!