Wednesday, 8 May 2013


As you all know, the weather was perfect at the weekend so we spent lots of time outside. Hurrah!

On Sunday, we spent a magnificent day in Kew Gardens. I had never seen so many beautiful plants and flowers in one place!   

Here is a handful of close-ups of the lovely flowers I saw at Kew. I may have missed some of them when I was sleeping but fortunately mummy and daddy were taking photos all the time.

My parents' favourites were waterlillies. Again, I dozed off when we went into the greenhouse but they promised we'd go back when I'm a little older.

Feast for the senses!  

Can you guess where we are?

My fist is far more interesting than the river behind! 

I'm walking!

The only shame is that getting there involved lots of driving, which I'm not very keen on if you need to know. My parents already know...  Fortunately, one thing usually does the trick: I will fall asleep in my car seat only if I can hold mummy's index finger!   

PS I should blog about Bank Holiday tomorrow.



  1. Thank you for posting those lovely pictures, Natalie. I especially like the pink tulips against the blue of the forget-me-nots. I hope you managed to stay awake long enough to see them!

  2. I did see them, Auntie. :-) They were truly beautiful.
    You must have visited Kew Gardens before, am I right?