Thursday, 30 May 2013

Roly poly & Peekaboo!

I'm in a good mood today and here's why.

First, I went to Greenwich for a mother & baby yoga class
this morning and I loved it. I just enjoy seeing how mummy is taking exercise and it's even more entertaining when I'm involved. I learnt a new nursery rhyme and I've got a feeling it's going to be my favourite for a while.

The two photos below are rather a poor attempt at capturing the moment. :-)

Roly poly ever so slowly...
Roly poly ever so fast!
A little later Joshua & his mum paid us a visit and it was brilliant. I must tell you that Josh is a great entertainer and an absolute master of the peekaboo game. I just can't wait for him to come back! I also have to confess that I was so happy being entertained by Josh that I completely ignored daddy when he got back home. Oops! You can imagine that he wasn't impressed a single bit... But you know I love you so much, dad!!!
This is Joshua and me a few months back. Hang on, who put the socks on my hands and why??

Hope someone has made you smile today, too. :-)

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