Friday, 17 May 2013

Very special walk

Going for walks is what I do every day regardless of the weather. It's just something I enjoy very much. 

But it's even far more exciting when mummy and I pick up daddy after work from the train station.  

There are lots of lovely plants and flowers on the way. Some less, some more common.

We go past our gym (a little reminder, dear parents :-), a bus stop, school, playground and local supermarket.

There's also a building site with gigantic cranes on our route.

I love these little houses.

Hang on, do I know this guy?


Hey, I think it's daddy!

Daddy, you're finally back! :-)

After I pick up daddy from the station, it's his turn to pick me up and we go back home. 

A little stroll in the park on the way home.


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