Saturday, 1 June 2013

1st Children's Day

All parents and children in Poland celebrated Children's Day today and so did we. It's a great idea and I think folks in the UK should celebrate it, too.
I was flooded with hugs and cuddles lots of times during the day and my grandparents called me on Skype. Thank you, I love you lots!

Happy Children's Day!


  1. I also think people in the UK should celebrate children (and spoil them) on a special day. I speak as one who never experienced a Children's Day as a child! However, I think it is highly unlikely that the UK would choose 1st June, for reasons that you will appreciate when you are old enough to understand history and politics (not very long now, judging by your speed of development!). Perhaps more could be made of 20th November (UN Children's Day), or England could follow the example of Wales and have a National Children's Day ( It sounds fun, doesn't it.You never know - you may be lucky enough to get to have TWO days! Anyway, I send you a belated hug, which I'm sure is enjoyed on any day of the year :-*

    1. Exactly! I wonder if something can be done about it. My mum has two Mother's Days and my dad has two Father's Days (coming up very soon, by the way :-) and I wouldn't mind having two Children's Days. If only I lived in Wales... :-) Lots of hugs x

    2. Give your dad a great day!