Sunday, 23 June 2013

1st Polish Father's Day

As you know, my daddy is a lucky man as he gets to celebrate two Father's Days. :-) The weather wasn't good enough to go to Greenwich Park today so I decided to invite him to a new Polish restaurant nearby instead (Polish Tavern, SE12 0PS). Dad liked my idea of spending the day stuffing ourselves as he is a real foodie.
My parents and nan had dumplings and stuffed cabbage which are traditional Polish dishes. They loved them and said they will be coming back to try some desserts.
The exciting bit for me is that I was given a high chair to sit in for the first time! My mum ordered one for me already but we're still waiting for the delivery. They said last Friday, oh well. I am looking forward to having solids very soon. I promise to keep you informed how it's going.

PS We were so overwhelmed by the special occasion that we forgot to take photos of daddy in the restaurant, oops.

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