Sunday, 16 June 2013

Grand medieval joust

Right, we're back from Eltham Palace. It was a wonderful day! Have a look below.
That's the palace itself. 
We didn't see any of the rooms but we did go inside the great hall to hear musicians. It was my first concert ever! My favourite song was the one about Robin Hood.
The musicians also performed outside.

 The jester was fantastic entertainment!
There were knights, owls and horses everywhere.
Casual atmosphere.
Piggyback with dad.
Photos with mum.
A wooden bridge.
We didn't have a chance to explore the gardens that much so we need to be back. :-) 

Auntie Liz, thank you again for the lovely recommendation!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Natalie. Perhaps even more important this time, I hope your dad had an extra special day! It think I'd have enjoyed the minstrels :-)

    1. :-) He said he loved it, Auntie. If you know some more interesting places around, do let me know. Father's Day 2 is coming up soon and I need some more inspiration! If we can't think of anything else, we can always go to Greenwich Park though and it'll be brilliant. Lots of love.