Monday, 24 June 2013

Love of books

Can you guess where this photo was taken?
That's right! I went to the library for the first time today. It was in Blackheath, which is one of the jewels of south-east London.
I spent so much time looking at books that my mummy called me a bookworm but I'm not a worm, I'm a baby, a bookbaby.
The library is such a lovely place with a nice selection of black-and-white books and...
... a few shiny ones!
 Mummy, I'd like to do that again, please. :-)


  1. Wonderful! I hope you continue to make visits to that library. I notice that you've got the hang of sitting very quickly. Now you can really see what's going on (and we can see you better too!).

    1. Hello, Auntie! Mummy says she will take me there whenever we're in Blackheath, which is great. The library is situated in a building run by Age Exchange and there's a lot going on there. Sitting is fun, fun, fun! Kind regards xx