Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Busy day

Have you had a busy day like me? 

This morning I paid Charlotte a visit and we played for hours on end. She has so many exciting toys! Actually, whatever toy you can think of, she's got it. What's more, in some cases she has two items - one for the downstairs and one for the upstairs. :-) We had so much fun! 

Having said that, Charlotte was being a little cheeky as last time. See it for yourselves below.

It started out innocently enough.
And then things got trickier...
and trickier!
Wait a minute, what's going on here?
Mum, help!
That's more like it.
It's a tough life being a baby. For instance, you have to play all day long. :-)
And now for the well-deserved sleep. Sweet dreams, everyone! :-)

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