Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Catching up

We seem to go to Greenwich nearly every single day this month. In fact, we went there every day in the last four days.
It's a great place for my parents to catch up with friends and the park is perfect for the hot weather. It's not that easy to carry on with the blog when it's so hot, I can tell you that...

Ok, time to catch up.

On Friday I got my first certificate for finishing a singing course at a local children's centre! The course was lots of fun and we practised choosing and sharing toys and mummy says I'm getting there. I learnt a few catchy songs, such as "Oh where, oh where?", "Twinkle twinkle, traffic light" and "Have a turn and pass it on". Still, my favourite nursery rhymes for the last couple of weeks have been "Wind the bobbin up" and "Down in the jungle". My face lights up whenever I hear those two.
Certificate girl.
On Sunday, during nappy changing time I managed to put my left feet in my mouth and the toes tasted great. There isn't a photo of it yet but there will be in the near future.

As far as eating is concerned, I finally managed to have little bits of strawberry and apple yesterday. My parents made a big deal out of it. :-) By the way, water tastes amazing. 

Apart from that, I giggle on a regular basis now, especially when my parents blow raspberries on my belly or pretend they are eating me up. Also, I absolutely adore animal sounds and my favourite one is "meow!". 

Now, time for some bad news:
I'm probably not going to be posting here for a while... 
But the good news is:
I'm flying to Poland today. I'm so excited!

See you later, alligator!

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