Thursday, 4 July 2013


My life in the last few days has been kind of intense. 

On Monday I said "mama" for the first time. Mum is over the moon especially that I keep on repeating it over and over again! Before I used to say "meh-meh" when I needed her so there's a sense of progress here. I also say "meh", which means milk. When I was younger, I used to say "neh" and "leh" when I was hungry. I'm glad my super smart parents deciphered it quickly and everything is clear.

On Tuesday I tried a little bit of brocolli and banana and I sucked on carrot. It was a strange experience but I'm planning to do it again.
On Wednesday nan was going back home so we jumped on the train to Victoria station in order to put her on the coach to the airport. I had never been on the train before so everything was new to me. Lots of passengers wanted to talk to me, which made it all more fun.
Today I miss nan a lot and it makes me want to cry. My parents are also sad but they are putting a brave face.


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