Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Them pebbles

On Sunday we decided to put a spell on the weather and go to the beach. We chose Brighton.
Brighton has a shingle beach so I could play with the pebbles a little when... my mummy wasn't looking. Sorry, Mum!
Don't be misguided by my expression above. I did enjoy them pebbles!
Ok, at some point my parents tried everything to put me in a good mood and nothing worked, then their dear friend Kully came to the rescue and I was as good as gold. Thank you!
After sunbathing, we all went to have a curry. My first Indian restaurant experience was very positive (unlike my parents', ha ha). Mummy had korma and mango lassi, which of course means I had the same. Yum, yum!

We had such a good day in Brighton, I've got a feeling we'll be back on the beach again soon, weather permitting.