Monday, 26 August 2013


O mojej koleżance o imieniu Kanishka i o tym, że urodziłyśmy się tego samego dnia, o wizycie Kanishki u nas w domu i o tym, że ciągnęłyśmy się za włosy, ale nic nie bolało.

Kanishka lives locally. Kanishka comes to my playgroup. Kanishka and I share a birthday! Kanishka is my friend and she visited me lately.
You can't see it in the photos but we were pulling each other's hair and our mummies were very worried but it didn't hurt at all!
I was watching her crawling with great interest and trying to copy what she was doing while our mummies were talking about differences in raising a baby in the UK and in India. I was eavesdropping a little and it all sounded very interesting.
I hope to see Kanishka more often. :-)

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