Saturday, 17 August 2013

Splish Splash!

O tym, że oficjalnie wyrosłam już z mojego kubełka i pierwszej kąpieli w wannie oraz o niebywałych postępach poczynionych w ostatnich dniach. Mam już dwie jedynki na górze, stoję trzymając się krzesła i wołam "tata" oraz "mama" w środku nocy, gdy akurat jestem głodna.

I have officially grown out of my TummyTub and so had my first proper bath in a bathtub with mummy tonight. 
At first it felt strange as, all of a sudden, there was so much water around me but I quickly got the hang of it and had a great time.
I think this might become my new favourite thing to do.
Also, since my last post I've made the following progress:
  • I can say "tata"
  • I can find my tata under a duvet
  • I can lick my parents' faces
  • I can stand up holding onto a chair
  • I can push off the table during meals
  • I can "jump" while lying down
  • I can lift one arm while in a crawling position
  • I can beat a rhythm on a box with my hand
  • I can show off my new teeth which are the top two middle ones
  • I can call out "mama" when I'm hungry in the middle of the night
See you later! :-)

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