Sunday, 29 September 2013

9 months old

I am nine months today. Time flies!
Some of the best things about this age are crawling, standing up and cruising!
Here I am holding on to our kitchen table and chair. Going under the table is my favourite pastime at the moment. I simply love to be surrounded by legs, whether they are wooden or human. I sometimes get stuck under the table but then I call out for help and mummy or daddy comes to the rescue. It's great to know I can count on them. And they can always count on me trying to play daddy's guitar, browse through mummy's books and check whether our plants have enough water. I often succeed, ha ha!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Avid reader

O moich ulubionych książeczkach, tych pierwszych czarno-białych i kolorowych, o tych z materiału i dotykowych oraz o tym, że posiadam swoją własną kartę biblioteczną.

Staying at home and trying to get rid of a runny cold has its advantages. For example, I have a lot more time to read my books. 
It's one of my favourite activities. Seriously!
That's one of the three black-and-white books I used to look at every day until I turned 6 months. It was only very basic shapes and pictures but I liked it when my parents were explaining to me what those things were.
A few pages from those books.
Then I started looking at books with more colours in them and this series of little books by Eric Carle was always fun to read. Do you remember "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"? He is the author.
Some time later I got introduced to cloth books and loved them. This one tells a story of Pippin the Puppy who follows a trail of yellow paw prints to find his friend Poppy.
Highly recommended!
And the last few weeks I've been crazy about the 'That's not my' series. You can touch and feel different textures on every page!
My mum and I are always on the lookout for these when we visit our local charity shops and we already got a few bargains.
I am also a very proud library card owner.
My first three library books, including 'That's not my hamster'.

Reading is fun, don't you think?

Monday, 23 September 2013

River views

O tym, że czuję się już lepiej, chociaż walczę z katarkiem, o wyprawie nad rzekę i spotkaniu z Justyną, na widok której już nie rozklejam się tak jak kiedyś.

I'm glad to say today I'm finally feeling better though I'm still fighting off a runny nose. But I'm a brave little girl so I went to Southbank this afternoon to catch a few rays and meet Justyna. She was very pleased with herself as I didn't cry a single bit every time I looked at her as it was the case last time and the time before and the previous time...
In fact, it was quite cool sitting on her lap and playing games together. We definitely need to do it more often! And mummy even promises we will turn up on time next time. By the way, can you spot my fifth tooth? :-)
The original plan was to go to Tate Modern but it was seriously so nice outside we opted for a pub by the river instead. This time I didn't mind being in the pub for a change. Why would anyone complain if you can get lots of fresh air and...
... just check out those views!
There's St Paul's Cathedral behind me if you'd like to know but it somehow didn't make it in to the frame. You can see my gigantic hand instead. Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cot and corridor

O tym, jak podnoszę się, stoję i poruszam się w moim łóżeczku, o tym, jak piszczę z radości, gdy Tatuś wraca z pracy i jak raczkuję przez cały długi korytarz, by się znaleźć w jego kochających ramionach oraz o tym, że ostatnio nienajlepiej się czuję...

Just one photo today. It shows me having fun in my cot. I looove to pull up to standing position from sitting in it. I can stand holding on to the bars for hours... erm, joking, of course - I meant minutes. I also started cruising this week, ta-da!
What else? Well, I scream out of joy when daddy comes back from work, crawl out of the living room into the corridor to see him and then zoom all the way to the door into his loving arms. And you know what - I don't remember seeing him that happy before. :-) Oh, and mind you it's quite a long distance, in fact, our corridor is approximately 10 metres long!

The not so good news is that I have been feeling poorly today. Please keep your fingers crossed so I get better very soon. Cheers!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Afternoon by Tower Bridge

A looong time ago, which means when it was hot and sunny, I met Isabella and Danuta in London Bridge. Danuta is my mummy's friend and Isabella is her lovely daughter.
We went for a nice stroll along the Thames and then sat down on the grass by Tower Bridge, which is a really cool bridge.
Our mummies were busy talking about important stuff and we were busy playing and singing. Isabella sang a few nursery rhymes for me.
When the above photo was being taken, it had been a long day and I was ready to go home as you can see. But I can assure you we all had a great time together. :-)
Oh, one more thing: Isabella liked my blog so much Danuta promised to help her start hers. Good luck, future blogger! I'll be very interested to read what's on your mind.

I am a waterbaby!

O mojej pierwszej lekcji pływania w basenie, o skakaniu do basenu i kompletnym zanurzeniu.

As I told you last night, I went into the pool for the first time today. I really liked the TummyTub, my little bath and our proper bath tub but I must say they were nothing in comparison with the big water experience.
One word can sum it up: AMAZING!
Daddy jumped with me into the pool and mummy's job was to take photos from ashore.
There are eight babies in our class and it looks like I might be the oldest one. We were moving in the water to the tunes of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Humpty Dumpty", jumping into the pool and even going underwater at one point! I'm afraid daddy needs to brush up the lyrics before the second lesson.
Here I am swimming on my own. After one lesson! Erm, just kidding. :-)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Another week

O tym, co porabiamy, jak nas tutaj nie ma, o spotkaniach z Charlotte, Paolo i Isabelle, o śpiewaniu piosenek w bibliotece i jutrzejszej lekcji pływania. Plusk, plusk!

Another week is passing by. Busy as always. Just to give you an idea of what sort of things we usually do, here's our calendar for this week:

On Monday Jennie and Charlotte paid us a visit. Mummy was a bit worried about our plant, vase and tv unit as Charlotte can climb on stuff now. I was being good in comparison.

On Tuesday we went to Baby Rhyme Time in our library. It's always good fun as so many babies come along and there are shakers, bells and rattles available and we are learning new songs. Do you know 'The Music Man'?
On Wednesday we went to our play group and after that we met our breastfeeding advocate in the local children's centre. This is Isabelle who my mum absolutely adores for the amazing work she does for many women in our area. She did help us in the first few weeks, too, and we happily continue to breastfeed day and night and man, I love it!
On Thursday my parents' friends came over with a little boy called Paolo. When I say little, it really means big as he is 2 years old already! It was interesting to see what he can do so I can copy him later. All the time I was asking myself, "How did he do it?"

On Friday we visited Jennie and Charlotte. We were playing very well together. Did I mention she always has the coolest toys?

Nothing to do today. Just chilling.

Tomorrow is my first swimming lesson. I've got a proper swimming nappy and I'm very excited about going in the big water.

Every week is a little different, of course, but I have to say it just gets better and better. :-)

And a few more pics from the last few days:

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Crawling baby

O tym, że od tygodnia raczkuję, że uwielbiam gonić za piłeczkami, chować się pod krzesłami oraz gonić za mamusią i tatusiem, jak znikają z pokoju.

If you don't know this already, here's the big news: I've been crawling for a week now. Oh yeah!
It all began when I mummy threw a yellow ball in front of my eyes and I wanted to catch it very badly. Just then, I just worked out how to crawl! It's easy-peasy. Now I can chase anything or anyone I want to. I usually follow mum or dad if they leave the room as I really want to know what they are up to and they are over the moon when I catch up with them next door.
You will often find me under the chair. Peek-a-boo!
But every now and then...
I like to adopt a more familiar position. Ciao!

Friday, 6 September 2013

My kinda pool

O plastikowym pojemniku, czyli moim nowym basenie.

If you're hot and dreaming of jumping into the pool but you don't have one, here's an idea: use a plastic container instead! It's cheaper, quite spacious and fun. Just give it a try.
Here I am enjoying my outdoor bath. It's just like a bigger TummyTub.
I am still enjoying it even though my face might be saying otherwise.
Dear Sun, please stay high up there as long as possible so we can enjoy more beautiful days. :-)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sling library

O tym, jak to wybrałyśmy się z mamusią do wypożyczalni chust i wybrałyśmy kolorową chustę dla siebie oraz o tym, że wszyscy troje uzależniliśmy się od noszenia.

Two weeks ago mummy and I went to a local sling library and picked a fun, colourful sling for us to wear. We've become great fans of sling libraries since then. Thank you, Maggie from Greenwich and Lewisham Sling Library, for sharing your passion for slings with us!
The proud wearer and the wearee.
Happy as a clam snuggled up close to my mum.
But hey, daddy isn't slingshy either. He knows how much I love to be popped in a sling. We all got hooked!
Now off to borrow a new sling!