Saturday, 28 September 2013

Avid reader

O moich ulubionych książeczkach, tych pierwszych czarno-białych i kolorowych, o tych z materiału i dotykowych oraz o tym, że posiadam swoją własną kartę biblioteczną.

Staying at home and trying to get rid of a runny cold has its advantages. For example, I have a lot more time to read my books. 
It's one of my favourite activities. Seriously!
That's one of the three black-and-white books I used to look at every day until I turned 6 months. It was only very basic shapes and pictures but I liked it when my parents were explaining to me what those things were.
A few pages from those books.
Then I started looking at books with more colours in them and this series of little books by Eric Carle was always fun to read. Do you remember "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"? He is the author.
Some time later I got introduced to cloth books and loved them. This one tells a story of Pippin the Puppy who follows a trail of yellow paw prints to find his friend Poppy.
Highly recommended!
And the last few weeks I've been crazy about the 'That's not my' series. You can touch and feel different textures on every page!
My mum and I are always on the lookout for these when we visit our local charity shops and we already got a few bargains.
I am also a very proud library card owner.
My first three library books, including 'That's not my hamster'.

Reading is fun, don't you think?

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