Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cot and corridor

O tym, jak podnoszę się, stoję i poruszam się w moim łóżeczku, o tym, jak piszczę z radości, gdy Tatuś wraca z pracy i jak raczkuję przez cały długi korytarz, by się znaleźć w jego kochających ramionach oraz o tym, że ostatnio nienajlepiej się czuję...

Just one photo today. It shows me having fun in my cot. I looove to pull up to standing position from sitting in it. I can stand holding on to the bars for hours... erm, joking, of course - I meant minutes. I also started cruising this week, ta-da!
What else? Well, I scream out of joy when daddy comes back from work, crawl out of the living room into the corridor to see him and then zoom all the way to the door into his loving arms. And you know what - I don't remember seeing him that happy before. :-) Oh, and mind you it's quite a long distance, in fact, our corridor is approximately 10 metres long!

The not so good news is that I have been feeling poorly today. Please keep your fingers crossed so I get better very soon. Cheers!


  1. You have been very busy while I've been away. I seem to have missed so many interesting events in your life!. Thank you for all the lovely photos and the all the blog posts that I've had to catch up with. I hope you're now feeling much better. Watch those autumn chills! xxx

  2. How fantastic to know you're back, Auntie! I have missed you here. Hope you had a great time travelling around. :-)