Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Lunch with daddy and losing a sock

O wizycie w ulubionej restauracji indyjskiej rodziców i że polubiłam papada, o tym, że zgubiłam na mieście skarpetkę a tatuś ją znalazł po kilku godzinach.

Mummy had some business to do in central London this morning so she packed me up and we took the 8.12 train to Charing Cross. After she was finished, we had lunch with daddy in Masala Zone, which is my parents' favourite Indian restaurant.
We are waiting to be served. I was so hungry that I tried to eat my snail teether but it didn't taste that nice.
A completely different story with poppadam and cheese naan though. When my mummy and daddy tried their first Indian dish, they didn't take to it straightaway. I am 8 months and I am already loving it.
Daddy and his favourite paneer makhanwala thali plus mango lassi.
I noticed lots of Indian puppets suspended from the ceiling in the restaurant.
Unfortunately, I lost one of my socks on the way back home.
Guess what daddy found on the steps of Cannon Street station a few hours later! Sooo lucky!

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