Monday, 23 September 2013

River views

O tym, że czuję się już lepiej, chociaż walczę z katarkiem, o wyprawie nad rzekę i spotkaniu z Justyną, na widok której już nie rozklejam się tak jak kiedyś.

I'm glad to say today I'm finally feeling better though I'm still fighting off a runny nose. But I'm a brave little girl so I went to Southbank this afternoon to catch a few rays and meet Justyna. She was very pleased with herself as I didn't cry a single bit every time I looked at her as it was the case last time and the time before and the previous time...
In fact, it was quite cool sitting on her lap and playing games together. We definitely need to do it more often! And mummy even promises we will turn up on time next time. By the way, can you spot my fifth tooth? :-)
The original plan was to go to Tate Modern but it was seriously so nice outside we opted for a pub by the river instead. This time I didn't mind being in the pub for a change. Why would anyone complain if you can get lots of fresh air and...
... just check out those views!
There's St Paul's Cathedral behind me if you'd like to know but it somehow didn't make it in to the frame. You can see my gigantic hand instead. Have a good week everyone!


  1. Lovely pictures. No.3 has lighting like a Canaletto (you'll get to see some of his paintings before long, I expect, Natalie).

  2. Oh, yes, I am hoping my parents will take me to The National Gallery in the foreseeable future to give me the chance to get acquainted with Canaletto's works!