Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sling library

O tym, jak to wybrałyśmy się z mamusią do wypożyczalni chust i wybrałyśmy kolorową chustę dla siebie oraz o tym, że wszyscy troje uzależniliśmy się od noszenia.

Two weeks ago mummy and I went to a local sling library and picked a fun, colourful sling for us to wear. We've become great fans of sling libraries since then. Thank you, Maggie from Greenwich and Lewisham Sling Library, for sharing your passion for slings with us!
The proud wearer and the wearee.
Happy as a clam snuggled up close to my mum.
But hey, daddy isn't slingshy either. He knows how much I love to be popped in a sling. We all got hooked!
Now off to borrow a new sling!