Wednesday, 4 September 2013


O tym, jak spędzamy lato - na balkonie, w parku, czytamy i biesiadujemy na świeżym powietrzu i po prostu dobrze się bawimy. Oby jeszcze długo było tak ciepło!

Have you been making good use of the summer while it lasts? Hope so! It was 27 °C today and it will be even hotter tomorrow and this is how we have been coping with the heat recently.
We have been chilling on the balcony. Daddy is on his laptop but he is still chilling as he's with us at home this week. :-)
Having a picnic in the park. Opps, I don't think mummy  noticed I got hold of her keys and they ended up in my mouth...
Reading outside. The best books are mummy's books! Have you read this one? It's good stuff!
Eating in the open air. Strawberries, yes! You're lucky you can't see the mess after I had a few of those guys.
Having a good time. And this is exactly what our neighbours behind are doing as well.
Hope the weather will stay like this for a bit longer!

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