Thursday, 31 October 2013

Josh, the guitar and Kevin the Rabbit

O spotkaniu z Joshem i jego mamą, o tym, że mój tata udzielił Joshowi lekcji gry na gitarze, że jedliśmy naleśniki i świetnie się bawili oraz o moim nowym króliku Kevinie.

You must remember Joshua. He and his mum came to see us this morning. We had pancakes, which has always been our tradition, and Josh and I played a few games together.
Later Josh got a guitar lesson from my daddy. I couldn't understand why he didn't want to learn from me. I play it all the time.
 He looks professional, don't you think?
A moment before that photo was taken, I found out that Josh and his mum had to leave within a few minutes. It was not easy to smile at the camera as I didn't want them to go just yet. Anyway, that's us three and those extra ears belong to Kevin the Rabbit. Thanks, Josh!

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