Thursday, 10 October 2013

My dear grandparents

O tym, że w tym tygodniu są z nami moi kochani dziadkowie, w końcu poznałam dziadzia Andrzeja i zobaczyłam się z babcią, o tym, że pojechaliśmy razem na śpiewanie w bibliotece i bobomigi i ekcytujących planach na następne dni oraz o tym, że ich bardzo kocham!

I am so excited! My grandparents are staying with me this week, hurrah! I have finally met my grandpa Andrzej and he's lovely. It's great to catch up with nan, too.
So far we have been to Rhyme Time at the library, a baby sign language class and we have also had a nice stroll in the park. We are planning to go to a nearly new sale where I am hoping to get a few little gifts and a swimming lesson this weekend.
I am very grateful that they came to see me. I feel blessed to have them in my life. I love them and they love me.


  1. Yes, you are very fortunate in your grandparents. Give them a big hug from me and Great-Uncle Marian, and look after them!

  2. Thank you, Great-Auntie! We had such a great time together. I miss them so much now...