Monday, 14 October 2013

Thank-you letter to Grandparents

Dear Baba and Dziadzia,

It was a truly wonderful week! I had such an amazing time with both of you. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Thank you for the following
  •  changing my nappy - you got the hang of the  complicated process super fast
  •  bathing me
  •  playing peekaboo with me - you were always so much fun!
  •  making sure I wasn't going to get hurt while exploring our flat - I didn't :-)
  •  sitting next to me in the car - it wasn't always easy...
  •   reading books to me - both in Polish and English
  •  having a laugh with me at the kitchen table - so much that you could actually see all my five teeth
  •  helping me fall asleep - even when it sometimes took a while
  •  making sure I always had warm clothes on
  •  carrying me in a sling - it was lovely to be so close to you
  •  going with me to my swimming class - I had the best support team ever during my diving attempts
  •  and many more!
Please come back soon.

Lots of love,
Your granddaughter Natalie

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