Friday, 29 November 2013

11 months

O tym, że mam już 11 miesięcy, więcej ząbków, potrafię sama stać przez kilka sekund, mówię "o-o" z właściwą intonacją, drapię po twarzy i gryzę w palce, jeśli ktoś podejdzie do mnie zbyt blisko, podnoszę ręce przy stole, zajadam się chlebkiem, dmuchanym ryżem i chińskim makaronem, lubię masaż plecków przed snem a od dzisiaj... chodzę!

I have just turned 11 months so in 31 days I will be... You do the maths! :-)
I've got more teeth to gnaw at an apple.
 I can stand up on my own for a good few seconds.
 I can say "uh-oh" very clearly.
I can scratch your face and bite your finger if you come too close to me.
I like to lift my arms while dining and my favourite foods are bread, puffed rice and Chinese noodles at the moment.
I like a back massage before bed time.
And I can finally walk! I took my first three steps today. :-) Life is going to get more exciting from now on!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Inspecting our flat

O tym, że nasze mieszkanie jest niezmiernie interesującym miejscem. Tu wszystko mnie ciekawi. Sami zobaczcie.

There are so many interesting places to explore in our flat. It is never boring! See it for yourselves.
The bathroom. The drying rack, bath tub, radiator, toilet bowl...
The corridor. The buggy, rug, bookcase, shoes...
The study. The swivel chair, drawers, computer cables...
The living room and kitchen. The armchair, sofa, blinds, plants, kitchen table...

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Child-friendly cafes

O wizytach w kawiarniach super przyjaznych bobasom, o moim nowym kumplu Szymku, o zabawach z Charlotte i Gabrielem, konikach, perkusjach i domkach dla dzieci

Another of those happy weekends despite the big chill outside. I feel blessed to have such good friends!
Szymek and I met only recently but it seems like we have known each other forever. We quickly established that neither of us can live without bread and our bed times are pretty relaxed and I'm sure we'll discover more things we have in common soon. Apparently Szymek's parents call me his "fiancée" but I have no idea what it means. I need to ask mummy.
We met in the Plumtree cafe in Greenwich on Thursday and then again yesterday. The cafe is so popular with mums and babies in the area that on certain days during certain times if you are unlucky, you won't find a single free chair or high chair there. 

That's me riding a horsey but I think mummy had way more fun here than me.
Playing percussion in a fab child-friendly cafe in Beckenham. It is called Deli Nene and you can find more information about the place here. When I wasn't playing, I was hiding in their tree house, which is the coolest place I have ever been to. I want a tree house!
I invited Charlotte and Gabriel over for a little stay and play session this afternoon. While our parents were chatting about... us babies, we were busy socialising. 

This photo was taken just before Charlotte put her finger in my dangerous mouth. As you can imagine, I couldn't not bite it and she was not overly impressed. Sorry, Charlotte, I didn't mean to hurt you! Will you forgive me?
I will let you win the next race again. :-)

Note to myself (and mummy): need to go back to those cafes soon. :-)

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Thames Path

O tym, że było dziś chłodno ale i słonecznie, więc wybraliśmy się na długi spacer nad rzekę w naszej okolicy, że widzieliśmy mnóstwo mew (dały się sfotografować) i dwa lisy (nie dały). To był naprawdę udany dzień.

Yes, it was nippy today but it was sunny at the same time so we went for a walk by the river in our local area.
The path is pretty long, however, we managed to do quite a big chunk of it this afternoon. During that hour and a half we hardly saw anyone expect for two foxes. Sadly, they were quite timid so daddy missed a chance to take pictures of them.
The Thames.
Not-so-silent witnesses.
Mum is showing me the seagulls.
Touching mummy's face is fun for me and sometimes it is also fun for her.
Dancing in a sling.
Daddy and I.
Daddy and I again.
Chunks of juicy melon for me, coffee and cake for mum and dad after the walk.

It was a good day. Hope you did something nice, too. :-)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Oatmeal cookies

O tym, że często towarzyszę rodzicom, jak coś pichcą w kuchni, że wczoraj pomagałam robić ciasteczka owsiane oraz kilka zdjęć w kolejnym zimowym swetrze od Charlotte.

I like to see, touch, smell and taste food. My parents often let me participate in their joyful kitchen activities and it's a great way of learning about food and cooking and in general spending time together. I just sit in my chair and watch them washing, cutting and cooking veggies and occasionally singing, too. 
This afternoon we were steaming potatoes, broccoli and aubergine. I like steamed aubergine!
Yesterday mum was making oatmeal cookies for the first time and I was helping.
Are they ready yet?
These were ten very long minutes.
Mum devoured a few cookies straightaway. Me? Let's say they were OK. Ish...
To finish off, another cardigan borrowed from Charlotte.
My parents like it so much they had to take a few photos of me wearing it, of course. :-)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Winter is in the air

O tym, że ostatnio zrobiło się naprawdę zimno, że zaczęłam się ciepło ubierać, że wreszcie poznałam Maję, naszą sąsiadkę, że mam nowy ząbek na górze i próbuję sama stawać.

It was something like 8 degrees Celsius when we went out for a walk in our park today. Really cold, if you ask me even though I am a winter baby. Wearing a few layers did help though.
It seems impossible to keep those gloves on... Sorry, mum and dad!
Now, this is very interesting. We have neighbours in a nearby block of flats and they have a baby girl like me. We often waved at each other on our balconies throughout the summer but never actually had a chance to meet face to face. Until this afternoon when we bumped into each other on the swings in the playground! Her name is Maya and she's just a week older than me. Her mum is also Polish and her dad is Spanish. We hope to see each other every now and then.

This week I've been socialising lots anyway. I saw Charlotte, Kai, Harris and auntie Kully. It is always a good time when familiar faces are around.
Charlotte let me kindly borrow two huge boxes full of clothes and this beautiful turtle neck sweater is one of them. Thank you, my friend!
I know you can't see it yet but I've got a new top tooth. Six altogether! Chomp, Chomp!
What else? Well, recently I've been trying to stand on my own. It's always only a few seconds at a time but it's a good start, don't you think? :-)

Monday, 4 November 2013


O tym, że robimy dużo zdjęć aż w końcu jesteśmy wszyscy zadowoleni z efektów. :-)

My parents take lots of photos all the time.
Sometimes they have to sacrifice a lot to get a good shot.
Sometimes they don't get what they want.
Sometimes we get very close...
 But then sometimes we are all very pleased. :-)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mummy's work

O tym, że moja kochana mamusia nie wraca jeszcze do pracy, tylko zostaje ze mną w domu. :-)

Last week mummy called work and said she was not returning just yet. It's all very good news to me as this means she is going to stay with me at home a little longer. :-)
She spent a large chunk of time in that school before she had me. She taught lovely children and I know she misses them greatly. She met great friends there and she still keeps in touch with some of them. She is planning to go to a Christmas party to see everyone again. When she was leaving to have me, they threw a surprise party for her in the staffroom with pink baloons, banners and cupcakes. She received plenty of cards and gifts from her pupils and she was very touched.

Actually I already have some school experience. When I was a bump, I would go to work with mummy and had a good time there. I heard children talking, laughing and singing so I'm pretty sure school is a fantastic place! When I'm a little older, I am going to go to one and I look forward to it.