Sunday, 24 November 2013

Child-friendly cafes

O wizytach w kawiarniach super przyjaznych bobasom, o moim nowym kumplu Szymku, o zabawach z Charlotte i Gabrielem, konikach, perkusjach i domkach dla dzieci

Another of those happy weekends despite the big chill outside. I feel blessed to have such good friends!
Szymek and I met only recently but it seems like we have known each other forever. We quickly established that neither of us can live without bread and our bed times are pretty relaxed and I'm sure we'll discover more things we have in common soon. Apparently Szymek's parents call me his "fiancée" but I have no idea what it means. I need to ask mummy.
We met in the Plumtree cafe in Greenwich on Thursday and then again yesterday. The cafe is so popular with mums and babies in the area that on certain days during certain times if you are unlucky, you won't find a single free chair or high chair there. 

That's me riding a horsey but I think mummy had way more fun here than me.
Playing percussion in a fab child-friendly cafe in Beckenham. It is called Deli Nene and you can find more information about the place here. When I wasn't playing, I was hiding in their tree house, which is the coolest place I have ever been to. I want a tree house!
I invited Charlotte and Gabriel over for a little stay and play session this afternoon. While our parents were chatting about... us babies, we were busy socialising. 

This photo was taken just before Charlotte put her finger in my dangerous mouth. As you can imagine, I couldn't not bite it and she was not overly impressed. Sorry, Charlotte, I didn't mean to hurt you! Will you forgive me?
I will let you win the next race again. :-)

Note to myself (and mummy): need to go back to those cafes soon. :-)

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