Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mummy's work

O tym, że moja kochana mamusia nie wraca jeszcze do pracy, tylko zostaje ze mną w domu. :-)

Last week mummy called work and said she was not returning just yet. It's all very good news to me as this means she is going to stay with me at home a little longer. :-)
She spent a large chunk of time in that school before she had me. She taught lovely children and I know she misses them greatly. She met great friends there and she still keeps in touch with some of them. She is planning to go to a Christmas party to see everyone again. When she was leaving to have me, they threw a surprise party for her in the staffroom with pink baloons, banners and cupcakes. She received plenty of cards and gifts from her pupils and she was very touched.

Actually I already have some school experience. When I was a bump, I would go to work with mummy and had a good time there. I heard children talking, laughing and singing so I'm pretty sure school is a fantastic place! When I'm a little older, I am going to go to one and I look forward to it.