Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Oatmeal cookies

O tym, że często towarzyszę rodzicom, jak coś pichcą w kuchni, że wczoraj pomagałam robić ciasteczka owsiane oraz kilka zdjęć w kolejnym zimowym swetrze od Charlotte.

I like to see, touch, smell and taste food. My parents often let me participate in their joyful kitchen activities and it's a great way of learning about food and cooking and in general spending time together. I just sit in my chair and watch them washing, cutting and cooking veggies and occasionally singing, too. 
This afternoon we were steaming potatoes, broccoli and aubergine. I like steamed aubergine!
Yesterday mum was making oatmeal cookies for the first time and I was helping.
Are they ready yet?
These were ten very long minutes.
Mum devoured a few cookies straightaway. Me? Let's say they were OK. Ish...
To finish off, another cardigan borrowed from Charlotte.
My parents like it so much they had to take a few photos of me wearing it, of course. :-)

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