Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Thames Path

O tym, że było dziś chłodno ale i słonecznie, więc wybraliśmy się na długi spacer nad rzekę w naszej okolicy, że widzieliśmy mnóstwo mew (dały się sfotografować) i dwa lisy (nie dały). To był naprawdę udany dzień.

Yes, it was nippy today but it was sunny at the same time so we went for a walk by the river in our local area.
The path is pretty long, however, we managed to do quite a big chunk of it this afternoon. During that hour and a half we hardly saw anyone expect for two foxes. Sadly, they were quite timid so daddy missed a chance to take pictures of them.
The Thames.
Not-so-silent witnesses.
Mum is showing me the seagulls.
Touching mummy's face is fun for me and sometimes it is also fun for her.
Dancing in a sling.
Daddy and I.
Daddy and I again.
Chunks of juicy melon for me, coffee and cake for mum and dad after the walk.

It was a good day. Hope you did something nice, too. :-)


  1. What a good idea your Mummy and Daddy had! I like the picture of all the birds lined up. My day has not been nearly so interesting, but I can't complain as I have walked the Thames Path - all the way from Greenwich to the source of the river in fact! I'll show you the pictures some day. In the mean time - take care and continue having fun!

  2. Hello, Auntie! I am very impressed with your walk. You did it the proper way, well done! I'd love to see the photos and hear more about the path. I might do it one day myself. :-) Thank you for coming back to the blog. Stay tuned. :-)


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