Sunday, 10 November 2013

Winter is in the air

O tym, że ostatnio zrobiło się naprawdę zimno, że zaczęłam się ciepło ubierać, że wreszcie poznałam Maję, naszą sąsiadkę, że mam nowy ząbek na górze i próbuję sama stawać.

It was something like 8 degrees Celsius when we went out for a walk in our park today. Really cold, if you ask me even though I am a winter baby. Wearing a few layers did help though.
It seems impossible to keep those gloves on... Sorry, mum and dad!
Now, this is very interesting. We have neighbours in a nearby block of flats and they have a baby girl like me. We often waved at each other on our balconies throughout the summer but never actually had a chance to meet face to face. Until this afternoon when we bumped into each other on the swings in the playground! Her name is Maya and she's just a week older than me. Her mum is also Polish and her dad is Spanish. We hope to see each other every now and then.

This week I've been socialising lots anyway. I saw Charlotte, Kai, Harris and auntie Kully. It is always a good time when familiar faces are around.
Charlotte let me kindly borrow two huge boxes full of clothes and this beautiful turtle neck sweater is one of them. Thank you, my friend!
I know you can't see it yet but I've got a new top tooth. Six altogether! Chomp, Chomp!
What else? Well, recently I've been trying to stand on my own. It's always only a few seconds at a time but it's a good start, don't you think? :-)

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