Sunday, 29 December 2013


Mam roczek. :-) Z tej okazji rodzice zabrali mnie do akwarium, gdzie widziałam całe mnóstwo rybek. Było magicznie...
I am one. :-)
To celebrate the occasion, we went to see some big fish at the London Aquarium.
We saw rays, piranhas, penguins, turtles, a croc and of course a few sharks. It's such a cool place to hang out.
I even found the perfect observation point.
A little break with dad.
It was truly magical...  
Thank you for all your lovely wishes, hugs and presents! 
I feel blessed to have all of you in my life. :-)

Saturday, 28 December 2013

First Christmas in Oxfordshire

Mam nadzieję, że udały Wam się Święta. :-) My spędziliśmy je z przyjaciółmi w Banbury. Była choinka, wigilia, opłatek, pierogi, bigos, prezenty, kolędy, było pięknie. W ciągu tych kilku dni nauczyłam się paru pożytecznych rzeczy, jak skakać po łóżku i wspinać się po schodach. Ciocia i Wujek podarowali mi czerwony rowerek na urodzinki - mówię Wam, istne cudo. Smutno było mi wyjeżdżać, do zobaczenia niebawem! 

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas. :-)
It was wonderful to spend those few special days with our friends. 
There was a Christmas tree, Christmas Eve vigil supper (Wigilia) with the wafer, traditional Polish dishes such as pierogi and bigos, cards, crackers, presents and carols sung in English by Fiona and Inga.
We went for a couple of walks and the girls literally fought over which one was going to push my buggy first. It was so sweet of them...
I learnt a few useful things during the stay in Banbury like jumping on the bed and climbing up the stairs. Believe me, the latter one is the best workout before going to bed!
Auntie and uncle decided it was time for me to hit the road and got me this ladybird bike for my birthday. Fiona was very eager to show me how it works.
But then it was time to pack up and go home. Fiona was trying to make me smile here but having to leave was rather sad...
I will miss those two badly!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mummy's birthday in Greenwich

O urodzinach mojej kochanej mamusi w parku i muzeum marynistycznym w Greenwich. To był cudny dzień, sami zobaczcie, ile się działo...

It was my mum's birthday yesterday but we didn't get to do much as I was feeling poorly. As I got a lot better overnight, we went to Greenwich for a little celebration.
And while in Greenwich, you need to see the park. I mean just look at those trees!
The park is massive and even though we've been there a few times now we can't say we know it inside out.
I have been practising "up" and "down" for quite a while now. It's one of my favourite table games. Towards the end of each meal I go up and down and everybody else at the table joins in. We have lots of fun.
After we visited Maritime Museum and I went travelling...
around the globe...
in my boat!
At one point I was planning to escape but luckily mummy intervened.

I overheard my parents' conversation and mummy said that it was her best birthday ever as it was the first one with me. I love you mummy!!!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Artificial snow

O spotkaniu z Ciocią Kully w centralnym Londynie, o wizycie w galerii i ulubionej indyjskiej restauracji moich rodziców oraz o tym, że ktoś nas nabrał sypiąc z okna sztucznym śniegiem. Nie mogę się doczekać aż zobaczę prawdziwy śnieg!

There is always something exciting going on in central London.
On Monday we met auntie Kully and went to the National Portrait Gallery, which was my second time there. But to be honest with you, I was more busy chatting up visitors and nicking their maps than admiring the portraits. There were also some cool tables to walk around like the one in the photo. Surprisingly enough, I didn't spot any other children around.
Each time mummy and daddy meet auntie Kully they always end up in their favourite Indian restaurant. Can you see my buggy in the photo above? I was napping throughout most of the dinner but as soon as I opened my eyes I was given some poppadam and rice, yum yum! It just doesn't get much better than a good Indian meal, does it? You can read about my previous visit at that place here.
Here is one of a few pretty streets we saw on the way to the station. At one point we even thought it started to snow, which I got thrilled about as I hadn't seen snow before, but then we realised that it was just artificial flakes falling through the window. What a joker!
Can't wait to see...
real snow!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

New skills

O tym, że ciągle zdobywam nowe umiejętności, że potrafię wybrać sobie ubranko, sama wchodzę do koszyka i lubię w nim się bawić, potrafię zamknąć za sobą drzwi, wybrać książeczki do czytania, że ostatnio próbowałam, jak smakuje ziemia oraz co się działo z moim kumplem Szymkiem, kiedy siedział w krzesełku dziecięcym i wpadł w moje szpony.

I have been acquiring new skills super fast these days and my mummy and daddy are over the moon each time they notice something I haven't done before. 

I will aprove or disapprove of the choice of clothes I am presented with. For example, I like the farm top I am wearing in these few photos but I wasn't happy to wear a navy blue dress for Ethan's birthday as I thought it was too tight for me. Luckily, I didn't have to do that.
I can climb into my Moses basket, which is a toy box really and was never used as a bed. Before staying in the basket didn't seem a good idea at all but now it's a completely different story, it's kinda cool. It is my little playhouse for now.
I can close doors but I find it hard to open them. I managed to crawl into a dark room recently and shut the door behind. Fortunately my parents found me straightaway but it was a bit frightening.
I like to choose books I would like my parents to read to me and they accept my choices eagerly.
I have nothing against expanding my palate. After mummy took this photograph, I tried what soil tastes like. It tasted quite all right if you want to know. 

Now listen to this. My mate Szymek was sitting in one of those popular Ikea high chairs, having a snack when I turned up, grabbed two legs of the chair and took him for a ride across his living room. Not sure why everyone around seemed to be a little surprised...

Seriously, each day can bring something new. :-)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Charlotte's birthday

O urodzinach Charlotte, na których świetnie się bawiłam, o trzech tortach, które upiekła jej mama i o tym, że niełatwo jest zrobić zdjęcie trzem bobasom.

This might be my favourite month of the year. There is so much going on. :-) For a start, my dear friend Charlotte has just turned one! It was her birthday at the weekend and her parents threw her a big bash.
Charlotte's mummy made all the three cakes. She is amazing!
Here's Charlotte's nan and us two.
It is hard to coordinate three babies so they all say cheese at the same time. It's the best shot of all of us that daddy managed to get.
I had an opportunity to play Pass the Parcel for the first time and I won. I've had such a good time at the party!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Technical mind

O tym, że uwielbiam kręcić, rozkręcać, otwierać, zamykać, pchać i ciągnąć, że moją ulubioną zabawką ostatnio są klucze i zamek, że ciągle interesują mnie technikalia i że babcia, która odwiedziła nas w zeszłym tygodniu, mówi, że mam techniczny umysł i może ma rację.

I love to move, pull, push, open, shut, twist, turn, reset, hit and bang. 
Given that, there's no surprise that a set of keys and a lock are my favourite toy at the moment. So how do I get out on to the balcony? Let me see...
Throughout the day I constantly look for opportunities to find out how various objects work. For instance, if you leave some cables behind, you can be sure I will be next to them in a split second.
My nan, who was visiting last week, says I have a technical mind. 
She might be right. I start to wonder who I will become when I'm older... A physicist, an astronaut or a computer scientist?

Just joking! I have still plenty of time for that. For the time being, I'm just enjoying myself and my keys. :-)