Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Artificial snow

O spotkaniu z Ciocią Kully w centralnym Londynie, o wizycie w galerii i ulubionej indyjskiej restauracji moich rodziców oraz o tym, że ktoś nas nabrał sypiąc z okna sztucznym śniegiem. Nie mogę się doczekać aż zobaczę prawdziwy śnieg!

There is always something exciting going on in central London.
On Monday we met auntie Kully and went to the National Portrait Gallery, which was my second time there. But to be honest with you, I was more busy chatting up visitors and nicking their maps than admiring the portraits. There were also some cool tables to walk around like the one in the photo. Surprisingly enough, I didn't spot any other children around.
Each time mummy and daddy meet auntie Kully they always end up in their favourite Indian restaurant. Can you see my buggy in the photo above? I was napping throughout most of the dinner but as soon as I opened my eyes I was given some poppadam and rice, yum yum! It just doesn't get much better than a good Indian meal, does it? You can read about my previous visit at that place here.
Here is one of a few pretty streets we saw on the way to the station. At one point we even thought it started to snow, which I got thrilled about as I hadn't seen snow before, but then we realised that it was just artificial flakes falling through the window. What a joker!
Can't wait to see...
real snow!

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