Monday, 9 December 2013

Charlotte's birthday

O urodzinach Charlotte, na których świetnie się bawiłam, o trzech tortach, które upiekła jej mama i o tym, że niełatwo jest zrobić zdjęcie trzem bobasom.

This might be my favourite month of the year. There is so much going on. :-) For a start, my dear friend Charlotte has just turned one! It was her birthday at the weekend and her parents threw her a big bash.
Charlotte's mummy made all the three cakes. She is amazing!
Here's Charlotte's nan and us two.
It is hard to coordinate three babies so they all say cheese at the same time. It's the best shot of all of us that daddy managed to get.
I had an opportunity to play Pass the Parcel for the first time and I won. I've had such a good time at the party!


  1. Wow! Charlotte's Mum certainly is amazing! I'm glad you enjoyed the party so much. Yes, there's a lot going on this month!

  2. It is true, Auntie. She also has many more talents! My mummy and daddy think they are very lucky to be able to count Jennie and Paul as their friends.