Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mummy's birthday in Greenwich

O urodzinach mojej kochanej mamusi w parku i muzeum marynistycznym w Greenwich. To był cudny dzień, sami zobaczcie, ile się działo...

It was my mum's birthday yesterday but we didn't get to do much as I was feeling poorly. As I got a lot better overnight, we went to Greenwich for a little celebration.
And while in Greenwich, you need to see the park. I mean just look at those trees!
The park is massive and even though we've been there a few times now we can't say we know it inside out.
I have been practising "up" and "down" for quite a while now. It's one of my favourite table games. Towards the end of each meal I go up and down and everybody else at the table joins in. We have lots of fun.
After we visited Maritime Museum and I went travelling...
around the globe...
in my boat!
At one point I was planning to escape but luckily mummy intervened.

I overheard my parents' conversation and mummy said that it was her best birthday ever as it was the first one with me. I love you mummy!!!

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