Sunday, 15 December 2013

New skills

O tym, że ciągle zdobywam nowe umiejętności, że potrafię wybrać sobie ubranko, sama wchodzę do koszyka i lubię w nim się bawić, potrafię zamknąć za sobą drzwi, wybrać książeczki do czytania, że ostatnio próbowałam, jak smakuje ziemia oraz co się działo z moim kumplem Szymkiem, kiedy siedział w krzesełku dziecięcym i wpadł w moje szpony.

I have been acquiring new skills super fast these days and my mummy and daddy are over the moon each time they notice something I haven't done before. 

I will aprove or disapprove of the choice of clothes I am presented with. For example, I like the farm top I am wearing in these few photos but I wasn't happy to wear a navy blue dress for Ethan's birthday as I thought it was too tight for me. Luckily, I didn't have to do that.
I can climb into my Moses basket, which is a toy box really and was never used as a bed. Before staying in the basket didn't seem a good idea at all but now it's a completely different story, it's kinda cool. It is my little playhouse for now.
I can close doors but I find it hard to open them. I managed to crawl into a dark room recently and shut the door behind. Fortunately my parents found me straightaway but it was a bit frightening.
I like to choose books I would like my parents to read to me and they accept my choices eagerly.
I have nothing against expanding my palate. After mummy took this photograph, I tried what soil tastes like. It tasted quite all right if you want to know. 

Now listen to this. My mate Szymek was sitting in one of those popular Ikea high chairs, having a snack when I turned up, grabbed two legs of the chair and took him for a ride across his living room. Not sure why everyone around seemed to be a little surprised...

Seriously, each day can bring something new. :-)

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