Sunday, 19 January 2014


Zrobiło się cicho na blogu, chociaż przecież dużo się dzieje. Tupię nóżkami do ulubionych piosenek, mówię i robię "pa pa", przytulam się do mamy, taty, pluszaka Mychy i poduszek a także wdrapuję się i zdrapuję z sofy w dużym pokoju. Do usłyszenia wkrótce!

January is whizzing by, it's already the 19th and the blog has been pretty quiet... I thought it's high time I gave you a shout or I might receive some letters of complaint very soon.

Some of the things I've discovered recently include stomping my feet to good music, saying "pa pa" (bye bye) and waving when someone is leaving, giving mummy, daddy, my Mickey Mouse soft toy and pillows hugs and climbing up and down our sofa. Climbing is actually all I seem to be doing these days but there will be a separate post about that later. 

And a few photos from the last few days.
My favourite fruit is strawberry. I can eat a whole one in one go!
I still choose to read books upside down.
Sharing a joke with daddy during a walk in the park on a cold day. 
I'll be back soon!

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