Monday, 24 February 2014

Trip to Poland

Za chwilę wyruszamy na lotnisko. Jedziemy do Polski odwiedzić moją kochaną rodzinę. Żebyście za mną za bardzo tu nie tęsknili, podrzucam kilka zaległych zdjęć z wakacji w Polsce w zeszłym roku. Byłam wtedy jeszcze taka malutka!

I'm off to the airport to fly to Poland to visit my family there. How exciting! While I'm away, you might enjoy those few photos from my trip to Poland last summer.
I was teeny-weeny back then!

30 kms

Oto mała relacja z wczorajszych rowerowych szaleństw w południowym Londynie. Razem z Szymkiem i jego rodzicami udaliśmy się na wyprawę do lasu czterema rowerami i... jedną przyczepką. Zrobiliśmy 30 kilometrów i już planujemy kolejna wycieczkę.

Can you believe I made 30 kms yesterday?
No, not on foot. :-) In a bike trailer! Szymek, his parents and we went on a little ride to Scadbury Park in Chislehurst in south London. It was a great day out though it was challenging for some of us... For example, at times Mummy found it hard to cycle uphill and that's when she was making funny noises. And to be honest with you, I didn't feel like staying in the trailer all the time. Luckily, Szymek was there to entertain me together with Minnie Mouse and Winnie-the-Pooh. The park itself was more like a forest but as it was getting quite late when we got there, we didn't really get a chance to explore it on foot. The good news is that I did walk in the street outside the pub we had lunch in. Mummy and daddy both agree I was so quick it seemed like I was planning to escape but of course it wasn't true.
A big thanks goes to Szymek's dad who heroically pulled an extra 11 kgs along!

See you on the road again soon.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spring is in the air

Zima na dobre nas nie opuściła, ale wiosna już-już puka do naszych drzwi, a przyjamniej w Londynie. Na wczorajszych zajęciach przygotowywaliśmy się na przyjście wiosny malując kwiatki na policzkach, paląc świeczki, sadząc roślinki, oglądając przedstawienie o początkach wiosny, uczestnicząc w bankiecie oraz tańcząc z żonkilami przy akompaniamencie rosyjskiej muzyki ludowej na żywo. Ale super!

I know that winter is still here but spring is knocking on our doors! At least here in London.
Yesterday mummy and I went to a special playgroup session, which was all about the coming of spring and got us thinking about nature, weather and seasons. We got our cheeks painted with lovely flowers, we passed around a very heavy stone, we lit tiny candles and made a wish. Then we all went outside into the garden to plant a seed, which I enjoyed a lot, not to mention the fun I had playing with some soil when I found my pot later at home. Thank you, mummy, for clearing up the mess.
After we watched a performance about a snow maiden and took part in a white banquet where only white food was served, such as rice and rice cakes, I couldn't be happier. But that's not everything. There was also dancing with daffodils to live Russian carnival music. I watched the accordion with great interest and was fascinated by the flute. I was told I was holding it the other way round in my mouth when I managed to grab it for a few minutes so I promised myself to practise more next time I get a chance.
You won't be surprised if I conclude by saying the whole experience was truly magical. 
And today, you've got to say it, spring is in the air!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Minnie Mouse a.k.a. Mycha

Długo nie mogłam się przekonać do pluszaków. Aż do niedawna. Mycha jest wspaniałym prezentem od przyjaciół moich rodziców. Lubię dotykać jej twarz i ogon oraz gryźć ją w nos. Przytulanki z nią są po prostu cudne. Co więcej, Mycha potrafi też pomóc mi zasnąć... chrapu chrapu...

For a long time I didn't really get the hype surrounding soft toys. My home was getting full of cute little teddies, rabbits and puppies but I didn't really notice them at all until recently.
So let me introduce my Minnie Mouse a.k.a. Mycha to you.
She is a wonderful gift from my parents' friends, Guo Fang and Caspar, and I am hoping to meet them soon.
I like to touch her body parts, especially her face and tail, and often you can see me biting her nose. Cuddles with Mycha are something very special, too. What's more, she is great at helping me fall asleep... zzz...

Monday, 10 February 2014

Yes can mean yes or no

O tym, że małe rzeczy uszczęśliwiają moich rodziców, jak na przykład to, że wiem do czego służy szczotka do włosów albo że zaczęłam kiwać głową. Czasem znaczy to "tak" a czasem "nie". Mamusia wszystkie moje osiagnięcia przekazuje Tatusiowi i zapisuje je ku potomności.

Lately I have been doing little things that make my parents very happy. Every day when dad comes back from work, mummy tells him all the exciting stuff I did. She also jots down all that so one day I can read it myself. :-)
Just to give you an example of my latest achievements, I have been nodding "yes" now. I usually mean "yes" when I do that but every now and then I mean "no" by that so it can get a little confusing for my parents.
I know what to do with a toothbrush, a hairbrush or a cotton bud though I'm still learning what tissues are for...

What else? 

Once I hear music, I do a little dance or at least a couple of squats. I have a few sound books that always make me want to boogie.

Also, I started repeating real words though at times my parents are not sure if they heard me correctly. In the last few days I repeated "stairs", "a-ha" and "żółty", which means "yellow" in Polish. 

Come back for more soon. :-)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Rock climber

Jestem przekonana, że zostanę kiedyś alpinistką. Na razie ćwiczę wspinaczkę na to, co można i na to, co nie można się wspiąć w domu.

I am convinced that one day I will become a rock climber. It seems like a great thing to do.
There are more and more places I can access these days.
Sometimes I am in a pickle.
A well-deserved rest.
Bye bye!