Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spring is in the air

Zima na dobre nas nie opuściła, ale wiosna już-już puka do naszych drzwi, a przyjamniej w Londynie. Na wczorajszych zajęciach przygotowywaliśmy się na przyjście wiosny malując kwiatki na policzkach, paląc świeczki, sadząc roślinki, oglądając przedstawienie o początkach wiosny, uczestnicząc w bankiecie oraz tańcząc z żonkilami przy akompaniamencie rosyjskiej muzyki ludowej na żywo. Ale super!

I know that winter is still here but spring is knocking on our doors! At least here in London.
Yesterday mummy and I went to a special playgroup session, which was all about the coming of spring and got us thinking about nature, weather and seasons. We got our cheeks painted with lovely flowers, we passed around a very heavy stone, we lit tiny candles and made a wish. Then we all went outside into the garden to plant a seed, which I enjoyed a lot, not to mention the fun I had playing with some soil when I found my pot later at home. Thank you, mummy, for clearing up the mess.
After we watched a performance about a snow maiden and took part in a white banquet where only white food was served, such as rice and rice cakes, I couldn't be happier. But that's not everything. There was also dancing with daffodils to live Russian carnival music. I watched the accordion with great interest and was fascinated by the flute. I was told I was holding it the other way round in my mouth when I managed to grab it for a few minutes so I promised myself to practise more next time I get a chance.
You won't be surprised if I conclude by saying the whole experience was truly magical. 
And today, you've got to say it, spring is in the air!

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