Monday, 10 February 2014

Yes can mean yes or no

O tym, że małe rzeczy uszczęśliwiają moich rodziców, jak na przykład to, że wiem do czego służy szczotka do włosów albo że zaczęłam kiwać głową. Czasem znaczy to "tak" a czasem "nie". Mamusia wszystkie moje osiagnięcia przekazuje Tatusiowi i zapisuje je ku potomności.

Lately I have been doing little things that make my parents very happy. Every day when dad comes back from work, mummy tells him all the exciting stuff I did. She also jots down all that so one day I can read it myself. :-)
Just to give you an example of my latest achievements, I have been nodding "yes" now. I usually mean "yes" when I do that but every now and then I mean "no" by that so it can get a little confusing for my parents.
I know what to do with a toothbrush, a hairbrush or a cotton bud though I'm still learning what tissues are for...

What else? 

Once I hear music, I do a little dance or at least a couple of squats. I have a few sound books that always make me want to boogie.

Also, I started repeating real words though at times my parents are not sure if they heard me correctly. In the last few days I repeated "stairs", "a-ha" and "żółty", which means "yellow" in Polish. 

Come back for more soon. :-)

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