Sunday, 30 March 2014

Reconnecting with nature

Oto kilka zdjęć z naszej ostatniej wycieczki rowerowej. Był las, jezioro, dzięcioł, mostek, kaczki i gęsi. Cudownie!

Believe it or not, we liked the Tudor Trail in Kent so much that we packed up our cycling gear and went there again yesterday.
This time I spent a lot of time exploring the woods and the lake.
For the first time I heard a woodpecker and I was enchanted by its rhythmic song.
We came across an old bridge.
My favourite part was probably when we spent some time by the lake and I could see a great number of ducks and geese. I felt like entering the lake but I had no wellies on and parents said next time.

And today is Mother's Day here in the UK and Mummy had a lovely session of yoga, dancing and cooking with other mums. Later we met Szymek and his parents in Blackheath and went for a pizza together. Szymek and I stuffed ourselves with our own tiny pizzas. Very good day indeed! Love you, Mummy. xxx

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nan, muffins and buttons

Oto kilka zdjęć z niedawnej wizyty Babci. Świetnie się bawiłyśmy, a to na spacerkach w parku, a to, jak zrobiłyśmy muffinki, a Babcia dała się nakarmić, a to, jak wkładałyśmy i wyjmowałyśmy kolorowe guziki z woreczka, a to, gdy Babcia goniła mnie wokół sofy. Przemiłe wspomnienia!

Here is a handful of photos taken just before my nan left a few days ago.
We had a great time together. We made delicious muffins with mum and nan let me feed her. She took me to the park every day and watched me climbing up the slide over and over again. She read some Polish nursery rhymes to me.
We played lots and lots of games such as the buttons game above. The best one though was the chasing game with nan chasing me around the sofa. You should've seen it!

Great memories!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tudor and Cuckoo Trails

Oto relacja z naszych niedawnych dwóch rowerowych wypadów za miasto. Mamy swoją przyczepkę!

I was lucky enough to admire views like the ones below over two weeks ago.
And no, it wasn't in London. 
Remember how much fun I had with Szymek in his bike trailer the other day? That day my parents bought our own trailer and we hit the road. 
The Tudor Trail in Kent was exactly what we needed. Fields, lakes, plenty of birdlife and fresh air. We agreed we might go back one day and visit the nearby castle.
The next day I invited Charlotte to keep me company in the trailer and... 
off we went!
The Cuckoo Trail in East Sussex looked like this most of the time.
Can you name the animals in the above pictures?
Lots of sunshine, yay!
My two companions in the trailer.
This is how much Charlotte's parents enjoyed the cycling and... the breaks. The adults also had a chocolate break but I wasn't supposed to tell about it.
Posing with Daddy on the trail. 

Szymek's mum is asking if we are doing the London to Brighton bike ride next... We might actually do it... one day. :-)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mad about mud

Zabawy z błotkiem. Malowanie błotkiem. Gotowanie błotka. Gorąco polecam!

A few days ago mummy and I went to the park and took part in some wild play activities. Guess what I'm up to here!
I am getting my hands dirty as I am...
... painting with mud!
And I'm having lots of fun! Even mummy liked it so much she didn't mind doing an extra wash afterwards.
Apart from mud painting, my other favourite thing to do was... mud cooking.
 I am mad about mud.
It's definitely something I highly recommend. :-)

Friday, 14 March 2014

More pictures from Poland

Garść zdjęć z naszego pobytu w Polsce. Mój pierwszy hotel z bardzo długim korytarzem. Niezwykle wygodna pufa u Cioci Basi. Zjeżdżalnia! Witamy się z kurczakami u stryjka Władka. Zabawy w pociągu z Tatkiem. Miłe wspomnienia...

A few more pictures from our stay in Poland. Enjoy!
My first hotel experience. I thought the corridor in our flat is long but this one was the longest ever!
Resting on a bean bag at auntie Basia's in Warsaw. Super comfy.
Did I tell you that I looove slides?
Saying hello to the chickens with granpa.
I've been a train lover since I discovered I could walk up and down the train. Again and again and again!
Making soup on the train. Daddy is a great travel buddy and his winner entertainment technique is to give me his wallet full of very exciting cards to pull out and put back a gazillion times.
Studying my passport back in the UK. I've had such a good time in Poland I'm ready for another trip!

Warsaw's top child-friendly cafes

Oto moja osobista lista najlepszych kawiarenek dla dzieci w Warszawie. :-)

During our stay in Poland, we spent three days in Warsaw and we visited ... three child-friendly cafes. So yes, that means one cafe per day. :-) The city is full of them.
Pompon has great wooden apparatus to explore, especially the massive slide that I could climb up all by myself. Nan was very impressed. And sliding down was amazing! By the way, mummy and daddy were extremely happy to be able to order their favourite Indian mango lassi there.
Kredka (Crayon) is the cafe where I met my dear cousins. It
has lots of hidden areas where older kids meet up. I had fun driving a car around.
Kalimba is very colourful, has plenty of toys and a round staircase leading up to a hidden playhouse.
Can we just stay here a little longer, please? :-)