Sunday, 9 March 2014

Family portrait

Oto kilka zdjęć z rodzinnych spotkań podczas naszego niedawnego pobytu w Polsce. Poznałam moje dwie prababcie, czworo kuzynów a także kilkoro cioć i wujków. Było przemiło!

I feel very lucky to have met both my great-grandmothers while on holiday in Poland. They are both in their late 80s and are very clever as they have seen a lot in their lives.
That's my great-grandma Maria. She is my nan's mum. She said that if you drink mummy's milk for a long time, you have a "long brain" as an adult. I like that!
That's my great-grandma, nan, mummy and me. Four generations sitting on one sofa.
And here is my other great-grandma Janina and she is my grandpa's mum. When we met, I did a little dance for her and she loved it.
Martynka and Ola are my cousins. They showed me their toys and bedroom and we played a balloon game together.
I also met my cousins Maciek and Bartek and we went to a child-friendly cafe in Warsaw.
Our parents were drinking coffee and having pierogi (famous Polish dumplings) while we were exploring some climbing apparatus.

Other family members I met are my cousins' parents, auntie Basia, auntie Lucyna, auntie Magda and uncle Marcin, uncle Wladek and auntie Sylwia. It was great to have met you all.

I also met my parents' friends' daughter Lucja and played with my grandparents' neighbour Karol whose vest I was wearing for my passport photo ages ago. I also had a great time with my cousins' dog Gacek. Gacek turned out a very nice dog to me even though everybody was saying that he likes to bark at strangers. I enjoyed stroking his soft fur and I'm truly sorry I poked him in the eye and pulled one of his ears a couple of times...

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