Friday, 14 March 2014

More pictures from Poland

Garść zdjęć z naszego pobytu w Polsce. Mój pierwszy hotel z bardzo długim korytarzem. Niezwykle wygodna pufa u Cioci Basi. Zjeżdżalnia! Witamy się z kurczakami u stryjka Władka. Zabawy w pociągu z Tatkiem. Miłe wspomnienia...

A few more pictures from our stay in Poland. Enjoy!
My first hotel experience. I thought the corridor in our flat is long but this one was the longest ever!
Resting on a bean bag at auntie Basia's in Warsaw. Super comfy.
Did I tell you that I looove slides?
Saying hello to the chickens with granpa.
I've been a train lover since I discovered I could walk up and down the train. Again and again and again!
Making soup on the train. Daddy is a great travel buddy and his winner entertainment technique is to give me his wallet full of very exciting cards to pull out and put back a gazillion times.
Studying my passport back in the UK. I've had such a good time in Poland I'm ready for another trip!

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