Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nan, muffins and buttons

Oto kilka zdjęć z niedawnej wizyty Babci. Świetnie się bawiłyśmy, a to na spacerkach w parku, a to, jak zrobiłyśmy muffinki, a Babcia dała się nakarmić, a to, jak wkładałyśmy i wyjmowałyśmy kolorowe guziki z woreczka, a to, gdy Babcia goniła mnie wokół sofy. Przemiłe wspomnienia!

Here is a handful of photos taken just before my nan left a few days ago.
We had a great time together. We made delicious muffins with mum and nan let me feed her. She took me to the park every day and watched me climbing up the slide over and over again. She read some Polish nursery rhymes to me.
We played lots and lots of games such as the buttons game above. The best one though was the chasing game with nan chasing me around the sofa. You should've seen it!

Great memories!

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