Sunday, 30 March 2014

Reconnecting with nature

Oto kilka zdjęć z naszej ostatniej wycieczki rowerowej. Był las, jezioro, dzięcioł, mostek, kaczki i gęsi. Cudownie!

Believe it or not, we liked the Tudor Trail in Kent so much that we packed up our cycling gear and went there again yesterday.
This time I spent a lot of time exploring the woods and the lake.
For the first time I heard a woodpecker and I was enchanted by its rhythmic song.
We came across an old bridge.
My favourite part was probably when we spent some time by the lake and I could see a great number of ducks and geese. I felt like entering the lake but I had no wellies on and parents said next time.

And today is Mother's Day here in the UK and Mummy had a lovely session of yoga, dancing and cooking with other mums. Later we met Szymek and his parents in Blackheath and went for a pizza together. Szymek and I stuffed ourselves with our own tiny pizzas. Very good day indeed! Love you, Mummy. xxx